Saturday, 1 January 2022

New Year, new fancy functions on the Sandero

In my last and only post for 2021 I wrote about activating things that aren't activated on the Dacia Sandero (which also works with the Logan MCV), after I clocked out from work last night I had the OBDII adaptor in the car and an app on my phone, PyClip, and thought 'why not', first thing was the trip computer, finding the option to change it in the app after the car was scanned took a little time, I changed it, confirmed it on the app, the cluster shut down and restarted and beeped, I pressed the button on the wiper stalk and it was there, then I added the clock and the daytime illumination at the same time, also worked.

I have yet to do the engine temperature as I did not see an option for that in PyClip, and may need DDT4ALL to do it, none of the cars I've owned have ever came with a coolant temperature gauge, always just a warning light, but to be honest a cloud of steam coming out of the bonnet is a sure fire giveaway that the engine is overheating.

Another option I saw was something for overspeed alert which I believe sounds an alarm and puts up an icon somewhere that warns you if you're exceeding 70MPH or 120kph(though this is pretty useless on European motorways which have a speed limit of 130kph or approx 80MPH, with the exception of the Autobahn network in Germany which is unrestricted for cars in most parts but usable in the UK and I'd activate the thing just for my partner), this is documented in the handbook but I cannot see a light on the cluster so it must be in the computer display if it is there at all.

I had already tried as soon as the replacement adaptor arrived to do it with DDT4ALL but this would not talk to the car and I may know why but have yet to try, will be trying this shortly after posting this.

Remember that using tools like PyClip (which works on a lot of Renault and Dacia cars and possibly a few Nissan cars as well though I cannot confirm this) or DDT4ALL could cause serious issues with your car if you set a parameter incorrectly, do not change anything if you do not know what it is for.

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