Thursday, 30 December 2021

Dacia Sandero/Logan MCV trip computer and other interesting feature activation

I since replaced my car since I last updated this with a Dacia Sandero 1.0 Ambiance on a 67 plate, this car has a trip computer installed, this should be capable of displaying a lot of information however on my car all I get is the odometer (miles), trip (miles), external temperature (in degrees Celsius) and the option to set the tyre pressure for the TPMS after inflating the tyres to correct pressure, here is the full list of what this computer should do

  • Fuel used since reset button pressed
  • Average fuel consumption since reset button pressed (MPG or L/100km depending on country car was built for and used in)
  • Current fuel consumption (MPG or L/100km)
  • Range (estimated, in miles or km)
  • Distance since reset button pressed
  • Average speed since reset (MPH or km/h
  • Cruise control/speed limiter set speed where this system is fitted to the car
  • Clock
  • Outside temperature (which is active on my car)
  • Coolant temperature (displayed as t -1111 where each bar indicates a range of temperatures)
  • Set Tyre pressure (available on my car as it is fitted with TPMS)
  • time to service/oil change (not sure on my car as I've not hit the service interval yet.
So I want many of these features that I do not have but all is not lost, a piece of software called DDT4ALL and a dongle in the OBDII port can do this, the issue is many of the options in DDT4ALL are in French but there is a good writeup on a German Dacia forum that helps here, and the UK Dacia forum has a handy tip for the trip computer to show MPG you select "distance/volume" in that option.

Other things that can be done is permanent illumination of the instrument cluster, presumably when the car is unlocked and a door opened, ideal as seeing these things in bright sunlight is difficult, activation of the auto rear wiper on reverse can also be done though this is already set on my car, the indicators can be set up so you just tap the stalk up or down to flash the indicator 3 times to indicate a lane change, this is also on on my car, these cars are also fitted with a shift light, usually on but can be deactivated or activated as you wish, the seat belt alarm can also be turned off but I plan to keep this on for now.

The fuel gauge can be calibrated as well though I do not plan to do this as it just works for me, and the service durations can be reset but I would not advise this and cars equipped with stop/start can have this turned off. 

My car has a hill start assist though I am not used to it, it can be turned off with this software but I do not wish to as it does prove handy as I live in a hilly area.

I would not advise using this software lightly as there is a good chance you could break your car if you change something you shouldn't, so use at your own risk

The software is easy enough to find, just search for DDT4ALL Dacia.

These instructions are reported to work with the Sandero (Sandero II in the list of cars, the original Sandero was never sold in the UK), they also should work with the Logan MCV station wagon as this car is the same up to the B pillar.

I will be trying this out in the coming days to get those features I want, I have the software, and just need an adaptor

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